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The diversity, depth and experience represented by APCF is quite unique in social and business networking forums. It is a Global Community in letter and spirit, integrating distinguished individuals from multi-cultural, multi-national, multi-linguistic background who have excelled in diverse fields of specialization.

APCF has created a fascinating blend of insights and experience drawn from business and behavioral cultures of India, Germany, Holland, Japan, Middle East and America. It reflects a genuine global flavor thanks to its successful international operation in the technology and home entertainment. Decades of hands-on corporate management experience helps APCF to understand your strategic business needs from a realistic perspective. Our differentiation is derived from the strength of our experience commitment, passion and integrity.


While all companies in social and business networking business reflect similar fundamentals and objectives, APCF is different in the way it has conceived the process and the way it delivers the results.

The Management and the Board of Directors consists of handpicked, qualified, renowned personalities from diverse domains. They bring decades of proven expertise, in-depth insights, accountability and global best practices.

First Hand Business Insights
By virtue of its extensive international business network and corporate outlook, APCF shows precise understanding of the needs of the members and their value parameters. Out team delivers tailor made services which will make a real difference to the client's results.

Diversity of Services
We provide the most extensive knowledge and process expertise under one source. Whether it be Financial, Legal, Engineering, Software, Medical, Environmental, Maritime or plain business processing, we have the best professionals to carry out the functions. Domains such as Environment Management, Business Development are indeed a reflection of our exclusive service capabilities.

Global Network
Our network of affiliates throughout the United States, offices and associates across the globe impart first hand insights into our work practices and enhances the ability to deliver services with speed and urgency.

Global Standards
Having deployed globally recognized best practices and standards such as ISO and SIX SIGMA, APCF is committed to ensure confidentiality, security, efficiency, cost effectiveness and delivery schedules on a consistent manner. Our efforts are supported by the finest infra-structure and technical devices on 24/7 basis.

APCF is a very flexible organization. We believe that flexibility promotes healthier business environment, better understanding of each other's needs and result oriented execution. This is an interesting and notable practice of APCF, which adds tremendous value to the success.

We invite our partners to experience the diversity, efficiency and business hospitality of APCF. It will inevitably lead us towards a long term and fruitful association. Success in the modern, global environment is measured by the intensity of partnerships. We know it and we offer you unwavering commitment to mutual success.

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