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Our foray into the exciting world of human capital development and networking is part of the long term growth strategy and innovative approach to business expansion for all regardless of creed, color, religion and origin.

If you want to learn more about making contacts with community and emerging markets, and get instant access to experts and other entrepreneurs from around the globe who have answers to your most pressing questions. APCF takes extreme care for its member's products and services and their business charter in making introduction to potential market or customers and obtaining feedback for continuing improvement in member's corporate image, product positioning and branding in current geopolitical backdrop.

You can conduct business online or in person with APCF whether you are a service provide or seller of goods, creative professional or venture capitalist, we can serve as a matchup service between you and your future customers, partners, and suppliers. APCF has adopted Principles of Corporate governance, which provides an effective corporate framework, intending to reflect a set of core values that dictates the direction and guidance to the operational management and its interactions with clients.

You can find financial support for your business venture. APCF puts you in touch with pool of professionals and investors who are willing and able to provide the necessary funding that can get your ideas off the ground.


Step 1: Complete the Membership Application
Step 2: Discuss your special needs and interest with representative of APCF.
Step 3: Pay your membership dues.
Step 4: Mail your business profile and logo to APCF office.

You should receiving your Member ID card in 2 - 4 weeks.

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